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Here is finally 2021! The year of the return to  light after its dark months of disillusionment, of hopes beaten in breach; of waiting  for a new life? May this difficult and painful year quickly depart; tragic for some, to  offer us a new – almost – normal life. 

To you, dear friends,  and to all your loved ones, I wish you a very happy New Year 2021, excellent  health above all, and a return to the happiness we all long for.

This complicated year  has nevertheless allowed me to write two novels: a thriller and a romance. The first one will  come out, I hope, in the spring of this year. The other one will come out a little later— When it is  published in bookstores, dear friends and faithful readers, you will of course  be the first to know about it.

After the cancellations  of signing sessions and book fairs that followed one another last year, I hope  we will finally have the opportunity to meet again in 2021!
  In the  meantime, protect yourself; and vaccinate yourself, it is the only way out of  this painful impasse…




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